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agquest productsAgQuest exists to support the business relationship between you and your cooperative by providing the highest quality and most comprehensive financial products and services. Since AgQuest is owned by UFC and other cooperatives, when you utilize AgQuest Finance and Insurance you are doing business with a company you own, which makes you and your cooperative stronger! Through the AgQuest program, UFC becomes a one-stop source for everything you need. 


Contact our AgQuest representative below for a more detailed description of these financial and insurance products and services.

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The blend of products and services described below allow you to make informed business decisions, while carefully managing risks.



Financial Products


    Secured Companion Loans are designed to create a dynamic link between agricultural producers and their locally-owned and managed grain and farm supply retailers. Companion is a traditional full-operating line of credit that rewards the patron/producer with competitive product costs and operating interest rates based on the customer’s volume of input purchases and the amount of crop marketed through the participating retailer. Revolving and second year loan options are available.


    Companion Direct is an unsecured line of credit up to $150,000 that can be used by patrons of your local farm supply retailer (see participating retailers below), allowing greater flexibility to purchase input financing in one convenient program.  Companion Direct has the advantage of minimal paperwork and quick decision time.


    Companion DirectMAX goes a step further than Direct, but remains a product that is used for purchases from your local farm supply retailer (see participating retailers below) only. Credit available is increased to up to $200,000 and a best available lien position is taken.


    Real Estate Loans are long-term loans collateralized by real estate, which generally includes unimproved farm ground, rural residences and traditional farm sites. Not to be used when the value of the real estate is primarily derived from facilities/improvements.  Loan Calculator, Click Here


    Machinery and Equipment Loans are intermediate term loans collateralized by all the borrower’s machinery and equipment inventory. A priority position on machinery and equipment is required.  Loan Calculator, Click Here


    Facility Loans are secured with real estate that is improved with a livestock facility such as swine finishing barns and dairy milking parlors or other types of real estate fixtures such as grain bins and machine sheds.   Loan Calculator, Click Here


    Leasing is one of the fastest growing ways of acquiring equipment in business today. Leasing can put the equipment to work for you with real cash flow advantages without using major capital investment.

    Leases are through our sister company Northland Capital, to find out more Click Here!



    Crop Insurance

    At AgQuest we feel strongly about the details of your policy, by answering a few simple questions you decrease the chance for error or misunderstanding before it becomes a costly mistake. Use our Insurance Checklist to help you prepare.

    Crop Hail Insurance policies are not part of the Federal crop insurance program. Crop-Hail coverage is purchased because hail has the aptitude  to completely destroy a major part of a planted field while some is left untouched. A crop-hail policy can be purchased at any time during the growing season.

    MPCI (Multi-Peril Crop Insurance) policies must be purchased prior to planting and cover loss of crop yields from all types of natural causes including drought, excessive moisture, freeze, and disease. Newer coverage options combine yield protection and price protection to protect farmers against potential loss in revenue, whether due to low yields or changes in market price.

    • APH*
      • Bushel guarantee
      • 50%-85% where applicable

      *still available for crops that don’t qualify for YP

    • YP (Yield Protection)
      • Replaces APH plan
      • Will no longer have an RMA established price election
      • Yield guarantee (bushels, pounds, etc.). Coverage levels 50%-85%
    • RP (Revenue Protection)
      • Revenue guarantee
      • Coverage levels 50%-75% (80%-85% where applicable)
      • Replaces CRC/RA plans of insurance
    • GRP, GRIP (Group Risk Plan)
      • County-based coverage
      • Covers widespread losses
      • 90% coverage available

    Named Peril Products (Hail, Wind, Greensnap) are recommended as either supplements to your MPCI or Crop Hail policies or as standalone policies. They are designed to cover gaps in coverage such as hazards unique to specific crops, unavailability of MPCI and hail insurance in your area, or to cover a processor.

    Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) crop insurance provides producers with protection against low revenue from natural causes and market fluctuations. The insurance covers income from agricultural commodities, as well as income from animals, animal products, and aquaculture species reared in a controlled environment.



    Livestock Insurance

    AgQuest has a full offering of tools to further address threats to the profitability of the livestock sector.


    1. LRP (Livestock Risk Protection) Insurance covers the risk of price declines for feeder cattle, fed cattle and swine. It provides producers an indemnity if a regional or national cash price index falls below an insured coverage price. Similar to a put option, the LRP policy is price insurance only, providing single-peril price risk protection for the future sale of insured livestock.

    2. LGM (Livestock Gross Margin) Insurance offers protection against a decline in the feeding margin for cattle and swine. An indemnity is paid if the insured gross margin is greater than the total actual gross margin at the end of the insurance period.



    Property and Casualty


    Property and Casualty is insurance on homes, cars, and businesses. Property insurance protects a person or business with an interest in physical property against its loss or the loss of its income-producing abilities. Casualty insurance mainly protects a person or business against legal liability for losses caused by injury to other people or damage to the property of others. 

    Commercial Farm / Auto

    • Farm Packages
    • Farm Liability
    • Excess Liability
    • Commercial/Personal Auto
    • Fleet Auto

     Auto Insurance
    Choosing the level of auto insurance that’s right for you takes careful consideration. Whether you’re looking for car insurance, motorcycle insurance, ATV or snowmobile insurance, boat insurance, motor home insurance, or any other kind of vehicle insurance, we can help
    • Personal Auto Insurance
    • Classic Collectors Auto/Antique
    • Motorcycle/Scooter Insurance
    • ATV/Snowmobile Insurance
    • Motor Home/RV Insurance
    • Boat/PWC Insurance

    Property Insurance
    For property insurance including:
    home insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, townhome insurance, landlords insurance, we make sure you get the right coverage. We will work with you to get the specific home owners and property insurance you need to ensure that you, your family and your home are protected.


    • Homeowners Insurance (primary and secondary residences)
    • Condo/Townhome Insurance
    • Renters Insurance
    • Landlords Insurance
    • Excess Liability



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