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Honoring Employees’ Time and Talent

United Farmers Cooperative relies on our employees for continued success. Our Service and Recognition program is designed to acknowledge length of service and loyalty. In addition, we honor outstanding achievement in day-to-day customer service—going above and beyond the call of duty as recognized by fellow team members. To nominate a deserving person please use the following form, or email your reasons to cheri.lebrun@ufcmn.com.


Employees receiving years of service awards, Eagle Squadron recipients and Rookie-of-the-Year

employees are recognized at our annual employee banquet in January/February.


Rookie of the Year and Dare to Soar Winners 2016

Left to Right:  Joel Lueck, Beth Magnusson, Jared Firle, Andy Berdan, Amanda Schaust, and Adam Munsterteiger (Rookie of the Year).  

(Missing from photo: Charlie Hoffman)

Years of Service Awards - 2016 (Click HERE for full list of Years of Service)

1 Year of Service


5 Years of Service



10 Years of Service



15 Years of Service


20 Years of Service


25 Years of Service


30 Years of Service


40 Years of Service


45 Years of Service


2016 Retiree's

L to R:  Dale Rettig, Lennea Vinkemeier, Dennis Busse, Gary Wentzloff.  (Missing from photo:  Jim Bergevoet, Danny Gieseke, and Dean Messner)


 Past Winners of Eagle Squadron & Rookie of the Year:

2015 Eagle Squadron & Rookie of the Year Recipients

​L to R:  Desirae Guscette (Rookie of the Year), Kevin Radloff, Stan Prahl, Sue Kelly, Kathy Watson

​Missing from photo:  Dan Klancke

2014 Eagle Squadron & Rookie of the Year Recipients


L to R:  Mark Grams, Kim Hague, Steve Heldt, Ron Kelzer, Joey Behnke, and Justin Brandt

(Missing from photo:  Craig Wilson)

2013 Eagle Squadron & Rookie of the Year Recipients

L to R: Nancy Sinnen, Tony Martens, Donovan Steele, Aaron Schwab,
Brian Wiltscheck, and Tom Sondag.
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