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Tools for Marketing Your Crops

Below are some of the primary opportunities and tools available to you as you construct a plan to market the commodities you produce. For a detailed discussion of any tools and for all of your marketing needs, contact the Grain Origination Staff.

Selling/Storing Grain
  • Cash Sale - Your grain is sold for price at time of delivery.
  • Storage - Deliver your grain at any time. A storage charge of 4 cents per month will apply. NOTE: The farmer still has ownership of the grain.

Contracting Information
  • Offer Contract—You establish a target price. If market reaches your objective, your grain is sold.
  • Forward Contract—Allows you to capture a favorable price for future delivery. Delivery periods may extend out as far as 24 months. Payment is made at time of delivery.
  • Hedge-to-Arrive (HTA) Contract—The futures price is determined when the contract is created, but the basis level is not determined until a later date. A service fee may apply. 
  • Sell Order—We accept sell orders for cash or HTA contracts at any time. These orders will be placed electronically and have the potential to be filled in the overnight markets.
  • Price Later Contract (Delayed Price)—Deliver the grain at your convenience. You may price the grain during a specified time frame defined in your contract. A service fee may apply. 
  • Basis Contract—You can fix the difference or basis between the Chicago futures price and the local cash price. 
  • Minimum Price Contract—A minimum price is established through the use of options.
  • The Average Seasonal Price (ASP)—Allows you to receive a contracted average price for a specific quantity of grain, for a specific delivery period and destination.
  • Managed Grain Contract—Have market professionals price your grain for you. 
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