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Grain Department


Access More Markets for Your Crop

United Farmers Cooperative covers all of your grain merchandising, marketing, storage and drying needs. UFC has six elevator locations to handle the growing needs of our customers. The Brownton Unit Train Shipping Facility is the newest elevator to our grain department. This state-of-the-art shuttle loading facility will add value to our customer base by gaining access to a previously unattainable market.

The Grain Origination Staff
Call or e-mail the individuals listed below to sell, buy or consult on the marketing of your crop.


 Jason Tews, Vice President of Grain
Office: 507-647-6606 Ext: 6747
E-mail: jason.tews@ufcmn.com

Brett Annexstad, Grain Originator
Office: 507-647-6606 Ext: 6740
E-mail: brett.annexstad@ufcmn.com

Matt Rettmann, Grain Originator
Office: 507-647-6606 Ext: 6742
E-mail: matt.rettmann@ufcmn.com

Darrell Abrahamson, Grain Originator
Office: 507-647-6606 Ext: 6712
E-mail: darrell.abrahamson@ufcmn.com

Beth Magnusson, Grain Controller
Office:  507-647-6606 Ext: 6710
E-mail:  beth.magnusson@ufcmn.com

Jean Sanders-Werner, Grain Accountant
Office: 507-647- 6601 Ext: 6010
E-mail: jean.werner@ufcmn.com

Joan Clobes, Grain Accountant
Office: 507-647-6601 Ext: 6711
E-mail: joan.clobes@ufcmn.com

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