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Grain Policies

UFC Grain Policies

***All Rates and Discounts Subject to Change Without Notice***

Corn Discounts 

Bean Discounts

Drying Policies
Corn drying will be at $.045/point of moisture with a 1.4% shrink. Corn sales and grain bank will be at 15%. Moisture discounts and shrink will be calculated to each 1/10th of a point.

Storage Policies

Commercial storage will remain at $.04/bu/month.  Grain stored over 1 year will have a storage rate of $.05/bu/month. Load-out charges remain at $.09/bu.

Price Later Contracts:

Service charge of $.035/bu/month. Title (ownership) passes to UFC upon delivery. Price Later grain will not have a deadline to price; however, the monthly service fee will increase $.01/bushel/month after 1 year. All Price Later bushels will be priced at the “nearby bid” of the location they are delivered to.


UFC Safety Data Sheet:

Grain Safety Data Sheet
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