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United Natural Gas (UNG)

Natural Gas Safety Items

Safety is our priority.  Please read through the following three items and call with any questions you may have.


​​Customer Owned Piping

United Natural Gas (UNG) is required to notify our customers that customer owned piping that runs from the gas meter to gas running appliances or buildings is not maintained by UNG.  If buried customer owned piping is not maintained, potential hazards such as corrosion can occur.  


It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain customer owned piping by performing these steps:


  • Periodically inspect for leaks.
  • Periodically inspect for corrosion if the piping is metallic.
  • Repair any unsafe condition if discovered.


Contact your HVAC contractor to have your lines inspected and maintained.  Remember to have your customer owned service line or pipe located prior to doing any excavating or digging.  United Natural Gas does not locate any private, customer owned lines.


For a list of private locating companies please visit:  www.gopherstateonecall.org



You must contact Gopher State One Call at least 2 business days before you plan to dig.  Your underground utility lines will be marked free of charge to prevent damage or interruption of service!






Winter Safety Courtesy Reminder


Snow Ice Removal Required

As you are aware, a field technician reads and inspects your meter on a monthly basis to provide you with accurate billing of natural gas consumed.  While your meter is designed to withstand winter weather;  heavy or hard packed snow and ice on your meter can be a safety hazard.


Costumers should:


  • Maintain a clear path to and from the meter to allow safe access in the event of an emergency and for the safety of your meter reader.
  • Carefully shovel around the meter.  Do not use your snow blower near the meter or piping.
  • Gently remove snow or ice by hand from the gas meter and any associated piping.  Avoid using any sharp tools or shovels on or near your meter.
  • Check to ensure that melting snow or ice is not dripping on the meter from the roof, which can plug the gas meter regulator vent.


By following these safety steps you can avoid having a plugged meter regulator vent which can lead to a potentially hazardous natural gas pressure build up condition.


If you suspect a problem with your gas meter call United Natural Gas immediately at 507-647-6602!

If you smell natural gas in your home, leave immediately without turning off lights or using any other electrical switches, including garage door openers.

Emergency Contacts:

Systems Operations Specialists:

Merle Bohlin


Mike Hulke


Josh Fischer


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