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UFC Highlights: People….Pride….Purpose….since 1915

United Farmers Cooperative (UFC) is a farmer-owned cooperative that was formed as the Cooperative Creamery Association of Lafayette in 1915 in the town of Lafayette, Minnesota. Over the next 100 years, the cooperative would undergo many changes as the needs of the members it served evolved to keep pace with the changing world. Listed below are some of our highlights:

  • 1915 - Cooperative was organized into Cooperative Creamery Association
  • 1920 - Produce department was added
  • 1940 - Locker plant and butcher shop were added
  • 1960s - Ongoing construction with the addition of fertilizer blending equipment and bagging equipment for fertilizer products
  • 1966 - First grain elevator purchased in Lafayette
  • 1968 - Purchased and merged in the Klossner elevator facilities
  • 1969 - The two elevator operations and the farm supply operations merged into a single operation. The creamery division was sold to Mid-America Dairies
  • 1971 - The name of the organization was changed to The Farmers Cooperative of Lafayette
  • 1972 - Winthrop Farm Services and Elevator purchased
  • 1986 - Purchased the Norseland location from the dissolved Tri Ag Co-op
  • 1995 - The Klossner Coop Oil Association was merged into the operation and the name of the organization was changed to the current “United Farmers Cooperative”
  • 1995 - The new Livestock Service Center opens—greatly expanding the feed operations
  • 1998 - Le Sueur Farmers Elevator was merged into the operation
  • 2000 - United Farmers Cooperative purchased a liquid fertilizer business from Anker’s Inc. in Gibbon, Minnesota. UFC also purchased the assets from Tri-County Builders of Gaylord to expand its building and construction business
  • 2002 - Complete redesign and reconstruction of the Le Sueur location. Built new retail franchise and opened “Giant Valley Trading Company” (GVTC) to address rapidly growing farm store market
  • 2003 - Purchased Turbes Oil Company and formed UDS (United Distribution Services) in Searles, Minnesota. This greatly increased petroleum volume and expanded UFC’s service area
  • 2004 - Started our own insurance company, which is known today as Parthenon Agency
  • 2006 - Ag-Land Co-op and UFC unified their operations into UFC’s
  • 2007 - UFC relocated the corporate office to Winthrop
  • 2008 - Hector Agriliance liquid facility acquired
  • 2011 - Green Isle C-Store acquired, and construction starts on Brownton grain shuttle facility
  • 2012 - Formation of United Grain Systems, LLC—a partnership between UFC and ADM-Benson Quinn
  • 2013 - Waconia Farm Supply was merged into the operation and re-branded as "UFC Farm Supply". This introduced a new division for UFC with consumer goods and hardware
  • 2015 - UFC celebrates 100 years!

Then and Now 

The organization started in 1915 with two employees and sales of just over $35,000. Today, United Farmers Cooperative has grown into an operation with over 300 total employees and annual sales at over $230 million. From one location in the small town of Lafayette, the organization has grown to include multiple locations in eleven communities, with our service area stretching out to serve members across several Central Minnesota counties.

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