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Combining Evolving Technology with Reliable People

Agriculture is constantly changing and so are our solutions. United Farmers Cooperative products combine evolving technology with the reliability of expert agronomists and trusted support across all the locations we serve. When you call on us, you’ll see a familiar face that knows your operation.

Products And Services


United Insight™

United Insight™ is our in-house precision ag program created to help you maximize production across your operation. With this in-depth understanding of your data, you can make more informed decisions on your inputs and determine which products are maximizing your profit.


Adapt-N is the premier digital nitrogen management software for corn. It allows farmers to get the maximum value from every pound of nitrogen applied. Using Adapt-N, you will ensure that every pound of nitrogen goes where it’s needed, when it's needed, and at the right rate to achieve yield and efficiency goals.

Adapt-N provides specific nitrogen recommendations based on the following:

  • Yield goals using management zones for different areas of the field
  • Planting populations (flat rate or variable rate)
  • Organic matter (soil test or planter generated map)
  • Soil slope and soil type
  • Fertilizer applications (commercial and manure)
  • Soil nitrate test for calibration

If you're interested in learning more, contact our agronomy team.


Crop Nutrition

Proper crop nutrition is essential to maximizing crop yields. Your United Farmers Cooperative agronomist will assist you in making sure your crop has exactly what it needs to perform throughout the growing season. Our fertilizer plants are conveniently located in Winthrop and Brownton and our crop nutrition services include:

  • Liquid and dry fertilizers
  • Bulk and on-farm delivery
  • Custom application
  • Variable rate applications based on GPS gridded soil sample data
  • Tissue sampling
  • 24-hour liquid loadout from our Brownton location

Brands We Carry

Crop Protection

Protecting your fields against weeds, diseases, and pests is vital to reaching high yield goals. United Farmers Cooperative offers numerous crop protection products to tackle even the most difficult fields. Our staff is trained and up-to-date on the latest products to help keep your field clean, healthy and thriving. We offer:

  • Chemical pickup and delivery
  • Custom ground spraying
  • Aerial spraying
  • Loading bulk and packaged chemical
  • Liquid fertilizer applied with chemical
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The Seeds of Success

We are proud to partner with the leading seed companies in the industry including Asgrow, Dekalb and more. Our agronomists work closely with these companies to remain on top of the latest technology and traits. In addition to offering a wide variety of brands, United Farmers Cooperative agronomy also offers seed-treating services from their bulk bin soybean sites in Lafayette.

Brands We Are Proud To Carry

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