Nutrition, Rationing and Production

From milling, bulk feed, bagged feed, feed blends, minerals and more, United Farmers Cooperative recognizes that raising livestock isn’t just about effort, it takes the right combination of nutrition, rationing and expert guidance. We are here to guide you with feed services and formulations for your beef, swine, dairy and companion animals.

Our nutritionists and consultants formulate specific diets to your livestock throughout their life span. In addition to feed formulations and rations, we help producers with management, production, animal comfort, building design, renovation and more.

Our Feed Services and Systems

  • Grain milling - grinding or rolling
  • Delivery of bulk feeds
  • Custom protein blends
  • Custom mineral mixes
  • Custom ration formulation
  • Consulting services
  • Forage and grain analysis
  • Livestock production records


The UFC Feed Division works continuously to embrace change and develop programs that give our patrons an advantage in the market. Since 2011, we have a complete food safety program. We are currently fully compliant with FSMA regulations and training.  Placing Preventative Contols Qualifies Individuals (PCQI) in all mills. Ensuring that all ingredients going into our feeds come from approved supplies and that all manufactured feeds meet a high standard of quality and traceability.

​Biosecurity is extremely important in all stages of feed production and delivery.  Through the use of an onsite truck wash bay and routing system, we can minimize the transer of contaminations.  Our Feed team, from the nutritionist on your farm to the people mixing and delivering feed are committed to quality and service.

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