Fuel and Lubricants

Fueled for Business

United Farmers Cooperative offers a full line of CENEX fuel and lubricants -
plus all the necessary energy equipment to keep your business operating at its peak, including:


CENEX Premium Roadmaster and Roadmaster XL

Premium diesel fuels with a more complete, terminally-injected additive package help decrease downtime, reduce maintenance and decrease costs. In addition, they restore power by up to 4.5%, restore fuel economy up to 5% and boost lubricity by 10-15%. They also provide quicker, more efficient starts with a higher cetane number (typically 47-49).


We carry CENEX lubricants in quantities from quart to bulk. We also can customize bulk storage solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

We supply DEF ranging from 2.5 gallon jugs to 275 gallon totes. We are also able to fill your mobile bulk storage at our bulk facility in Gaylord.

Bulk Fuels

  • CENEX Ruby Fieldmaster Off Road
  • Roadmaster XL Highway Diesel Fuel
  • Bio-Diesel
  • Farm Gas
  • HWY Gas
  • Kerosene
  • Heating Oil
  • Wintermaster Diesel

Contact us to see what fuel solutions we can put to work for you.

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