Our Team

The Leadership TEam

All hailing from different areas of expertise, meet the men and women who lead and support our teams. Their unique areas of expertise contribute to the success of your coop.

Mitch Altermatt

CEO / General Manager

Jonathan Olmscheid

Chief Financial Officer
UFC Fall 2020

Ryan Altmann

Director of IT

Jason Tews

VP of Grain & Feed

Darv Turbes

VP of Energy
UFC Fall 2020

Jim Carlson

VP of Agronomy

Chad Wilson

VP of Ag Services

Jenny Krohn

Training and Development Manager

Beth Magnusson


The Agronomy TEam

United Farmers Cooperative agronomy team is ready to answer the call with customized solutions tailored to you. Stay informed on the latest trends that impact your business and contact any of our team members, today.


Jim Carlson

VP of Agronomy

Craig WIlson

Seed Manager, Field Sales Agronomist

Brett Amberg

United Insight, Field Sales Agronomist
UFC Summer 21

Bob Wilkinson

Senior Field Sales Agronomist
Norseland Location Manager

Jim Ebbers

Field Sales Agronomist
Hector Location Manager
UFC Summer 21

Mark Hoekstra

Field Sales Agronomist
UFC Summer 21

Tyler WIlson

Field Sales Agronomist

Patrick Kopesky

Field Sales Agronomist

Aaron Schwab

Agronomy Operations Manager

Roger Trebbensee

Brownton Location Manager, Field Sales

Karen Firle

Agronomy Accounting Lead

Kayla Leifermann

Accounting and Customer Service

The Energy TEam

United Farmers Cooperative energy team is ready to answer the call – from energy products and services to payment programs, delivery scheduling, safety and repair, plus expert information on the latest fuel and energy trends that impact your business.

Merle Bohlin

Energy Sales & Service

Zac Kuehn

Operations Manager

Jesse Matthews

Operations Manager
New Germany

Josh Fischer

Gas Services Technician

Mike Hulke

Lead Gas Service Technician

Ruth Domeier

Energy Account Lead

Tony Kammerlander

Energy Accounting Manager

Cindy Kuehn-Gleason

Energy Accountant

Sarah Olson

Energy Accountant
New Germany

The Ag Service Team

United Farmers Cooperative Ag Service Center team in Lafayette is ready to serve your operation from top to bottom. New inventory, used inventory, tires, parts and repairs. Call us with your challenge and put our people to the test.

Andy Berdan

Farm Equipment/Grain Handling Sales

Kyle Burnett

Commercial Field Sales

Scott Maynard

Farm Equipment Product Sales Manager

Jeff Nelson

Service Manager

Kelly Norell

Customer Service

Judy Waldvogel

Accounting Manager
UFC Fall 22 Headshots

Brady Webster

Parts Manger

Teresa Wenniger

Office Manger

Chad WIlson

Vice President of Ag Services

Dan Hayes

Precision Planting Manager

The Feed Team

United Farmers Cooperative feed team knows animals and knows how to determine the best path to feed them and nurture their health. Contact any of our team and see how we can help start your feeding program today.

Kim Hague

Feed Accounting Manager

Kelly Powell

Feed Sales Manger

Leon Wenniger

Operations Manger

Bob Rehbein

Dairy Tech Services Manager
UFC Summer 21

Robert Westman

Nutrition/Management Consultant

John Kiese

Nutrition/Management Consultant

Mitchell McCosh

Nutrition/Management Consultant

Rich Schug

Nutrition/Manement Consultant

Deb Walter

Customer Service

Paula Walter

Customer Service

Tara Hawks

Customer Service
Le Sueur

Cassandra Brandes

Customer Service

The Grain Team

United Farmers Cooperative grain team is ready to help you determine the best sell and hold options, contracts, storage, future strategies and more. Contact our grain team to help make the most of every acre.

Darrell Abrahamson

Grain Orginator/Operations

Brett Annexstad

Grain Originator/Merchandiser

Anthony Martens

Grain Controller

Matt Rettmann

Grain Originator/Merchandiser

Jason Tews

Vice President of Grain & Feed
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