Hiring Challenges Call for Closer Community Ties


Hiring has become an immense challenge across nearly all occupations and industries over the past few years. With unemployment rates remaining low and more workers retiring or leaving the workforce, the competition for talent has never been fiercer.

At UFC, we are not immune to these hiring difficulties. From our production facilities to our sales teams and everything in between, attracting and retaining top-notch employees has required us to rethink our approach.

While continuing to enhance our benefits and offer competitive pay, we are placing an even greater emphasis on building connections and relationships with the upcoming generation in our local communities. We believe the key to a sustainable talent pipeline goes far beyond job postings and interviews. It’s about getting more actively engaged with people from from an early stage.

UFC has several new initiatives aimed at partnering more closely with local high schools, technical colleges, and youth organizations like FFA chapters. By getting involved with students while they are still shaping their career aspirations, we can highlight the incredible opportunities UFC offers without necessarily requiring a 4-year university degree.

Whether it’s through job shadowing programs, classroom presentations, mock interviews, skills training, apprenticeships, or simply being a friendly presence, our goal is to build lasting positive relationships. We want students to understand UFC is a willing mentor and partner, focused on hands-on learning and development that can launch rewarding careers right here in our hometowns.

The trend of declining college enrollment signals more and more young people are seeking to jump directly into the workforce. UFC intends to be at the forefront of companies ready to embrace this new mindset and help students understand the possibilities that exist right here in their own backyards.

By further embedding UFC into our local communities and strengthening our ties to the next generation of talent, we aim to build the robust workforce we need to continue serving you, our valued customers, for decades to come.

To learn more about UFC’s paid internships and career opportunities, visit UFCMN.com/careers.

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