From skyrocketing input costs to supply chain disruptions and volatile commodity prices, there’s no doubt that U.S. agriculture is facing significant headwinds. And, there’s no sign of this letting up. At United Farmers Cooperative, we understand the immense pressure our member-owners are under during this difficult economic cycle.

However, I want to assure you that UFC has been diligently preparing for these challenges for the past five years by operating with a forward-thinking, strategic mindset. We are well-positioned to endure this storm and emerge even stronger on the other side.

Over the past five years, we’ve resized the business, reduced inventory, generated internal operational efficiencies, better controlled our expenses, and improved our cash management. Our balance sheet is rock solid, with ample working capital and low leverage to withstand an economic downturn. Simply put, we have the resources and fiscal discipline to ride out this cycle.

With a strong balance sheet in tow, we’ve been able to make strategic investments to enhance UFC’s operations and deliver best-in-class service and value to our customers. We will continue allocating resources into core areas of our business operations. These investments aim to drive growth, enhance efficiency, and bolster the long-term financial fortitude of your cooperative:

• Infrastructure upgrades and fixed asset

Location upgrades and expansion

• Transportation and logistics

Purchasing new and expanding fleet of rolling stock

• Implementing the latest software and technology

UFC Customer Portal

• Facility safety and efficiencies

Upgrading equipment and implementing safety procedures

• Strategic Partnerships

Working collaboratively with our neighbors to remain competitive

While the road ahead won’t be easy, you can take comfort in knowing your cooperative is built to endure this volatility. We’ve prepared the ammunition to protect your investment while continuing to provide maximum value. Tough times create opportunities, and UFC is ready to make the most of them.

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