Deadline date for nominations: November 17, 2023

By: Todd Kettner, Vice Chairman, UFC Board of Directors

Are you passionate about agriculture and the cooperative business model? We are currently accepting nominations for the UFC Board of Directors. 

We are looking for candidates who reflect our values and are committed to the UFC mission and vision. The UFC board consists of seven individuals who serve a three-year term which begins immediately after the 2023 annual meeting (which is being held December 13, 2023 at 10:00AM at the Berdan Event Center). We have two directors who will be seeking re-election: myself and Tyler Stehr. 

I will be overseeing the nomination and election process. All members are encouraged to submit their name or the names of individuals who would make a valuable contribution to UFC by serving on our board. A list of qualifications can be found below. You may submit your nominations by emailing Todd Kettner at by Friday, November 17, 2023. 

Voting will take place via mail in ballot prior to the annual meeting. More information about the annual meeting will be available in the upcoming weeks. 

UFC Board of Directors Qualifications:

  • Meet the membership requirements of United Farmers Cooperative as stated in the bylaws of United Farmers Cooperative.
  • Actively operate a farm, if representing a family farm or authorized Farm Corporation.
  • Not significantly compete with United Farmers Cooperative.
  • Be successful in their farming operations and be recognized as having leadership qualities.
  • Be able to work well with others as a team and support majority decisions.
  • Have a strong interest in, and a current knowledge of, economics and business conditions impacting agriculture and cooperatives.
  • Recognize the continuing need for improvement and change in business practices.
  • Have sufficient time to attend and participate in board meetings and be willing to attend various director seminars, local, state and regional meetings.
  • Understand cooperative principles and practices and support United Farmers Cooperative in voice and patronage.
  • Have the courage to support the policies of the United Farmers Cooperative and to resist pressure from special interest groups.
  • Ability to analyze, organize and arrive at a decision.
  • Personal characteristics of honesty, integrity, loyalty and stability.

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