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As the Director of IT at UFC, I’m excited to share how we’re leveraging technology to better serve our member-owners. We’re rolling out two major initiatives: an updated customer-facing app, and a refreshed website (which you may have already seen!).

The UFC App can be accessed from your computer, iPad or mobile device and provides a one-stop shop for customers to access statements, make payments, order inputs, check pricing, seamlessly communicate with your UFC team and so much more. It centralizes everything UFC offers into an easy-to-use, easy-to-access mobile platform. Our goal with the UFC App is to provide customers with easy access to their UFC business and create a seamless bridge for communications and education with your UFC team. We think it does just that and look forward to your feedback!

We’ll be piloting the UFC App soon with plans to launch in early 2024. We are eager to get your feedback to ensure it is meeting your needs. Setting up an account will be quick and simple. We’ll send out an invite through your email or mobile device. Once you accept the invite, we’ll send a secure code. Once entered, you’re in and able to use it immediately.

Our UFC App will also allow our teams to more effectively and efficiently support our member-owners. For example, one of our grain team employees is talking with a grower and finds out the grower has some equipment needs which we can solve. The grain team employee can quickly send a note to someone on the equipment team. The grain sales rep sets up the communication between the grower and the equipment salesman in a few clicks on his mobile device and the equipment employee is in contact with our member-owners. A win-win for everyone involved.

Beyond our UFC App we’ve also overhauled our website for a cleaner, mobile-optimized look and feel. Websites are often different when viewed on a computer versus a mobile device. Analytics show over 60% of our web traffic comes from mobile devices, so improving the mobile experience was important. Our goal is to make information easily accessible.

Between our new UFC app and the refreshed website, we’re striving to equip staff with tools to provide best-in-class service. Enhanced digital platforms allow us to communicate quicker with growers and operate more efficiently.

Our mission is supporting the growers who drive our business. We constantly look for ways to improve their experience and technology is a key part of that. I’m proud of the solutions we’re implementing and look forward to the positive impact they’ll have on memberowners and our operations. Thank you for your continued support of UFC. Be on the lookout for more information regarding the new UFC app in the near future!


• Access statements

• Make payments

• Order inputs

• Check pricing

• Communicate with your UFC team

• And more …

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